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Project idea and requirements

I was thinking of getting a cat lately so I once thought about writing a small website that could collect all kind of cat breeds information and display cute pictures. However after I speak with my career coach, he suggested me to create an app more business relative than personal interest. So I decided to develop a yelp like website.

The requirements are as listed

Before it gets started

To be honest I’ve learned JavaScript for some time by myself before I got into Flatiron School and I couldn’t quite understand it. Because I think JS is very messy comparing to Java which I think is very logical and sensible. So I was very unsure about whether I could get through it this time at the beginning of this study session. While learning and finishing my project I could see the confusion went away bit by bit especially when we started to relate Ruby on Rails as an API and Object-Oriented-Programing with JS together.

Project idea and structure

Project Structure

I traveled back to China…

Before it gets started

This is my third project of Flatiron bootcamp. After two months hard working I gained some understanding of web development. Rails is very similar to Sinatra only more integrated and effective. In Sinatra if we want to implement some features we may have to add some gems, with Rails some of them are already included. Let’s dive in!

Coming up with an idea

The gist of using these frameworks to develop a website is the same, what’s different is how you want to relate the associations between models in order for them to implement the fuctionality that you wish users would see and interact with.

Before we get started

This is my second project in Flatiron School. We are required to make a MVC app using sinatra. MVC is a software design pattern that divides the related program logic into three interconnected elements. By being a pattern, it makes everything similar and much easier. I designed a static food related website with a lot of CSS stylesheets last year. So I figure that it’s finally going to pay off if I build a app that allows user to CRUD their recipes. Guilty that I just want my app to look nicer.

Set up the structure

I tried to use the Corneal gem for…

Before it gets started

This is my first create-from-zero project in Flatiron School. It’s a Command Line Interface Ruby Gem that you should process and interact with user using data you get from no matter using API or scraping from a website. After seeing the weather app project created by Annabel who has inspired me a lot as my cohort leader, I realized this project is going to be a great opportunity to revise and integrate all the knowledge we’ve learnt in Phase 1.

Come up with your own idea

I’m a huge soccer fan and an ardent Juventus club supporter. Naturally my first idea is to build a program…

Firstly I have to say that this is a mandatory requirement for my graduation of coding bootcamp. Otherwise I couldn’t imagine myself writing a 800-word composition after having finished college for 7 years in China. Especially when I had this exemption in English course on my first day of college, I thought I might never have to learn English again. However, as the wheel of fate turns slowly but unstoppably, not only that I have immigrated here in the U.S, but also I’m going to study and start a new career here. …


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